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US Army Signal Corp Officer Training School

To Learn about and honor the Men and Women Who have served in The united states signal Corp and graduated from the officier training school, follow this link and learn more about how you can add your support and understand the work these Men and women have performed in service to our country Click here


The Voice of the Waterway

The Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway Association proudly represents the interests of commercial and recreational users of the waterway. AIWA is the only organization dedicated to ensuring the future of the AIWW and, as such, we have earned the reputation of being “The Voice of the Waterway.”Our members hail from 39 states and Canada and include both commercial and recreational users.

The Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (AIWW) extends 1200 miles from Norfolk, Virginia to Key West, Florida. Some lengths consist of natural inlets, salt-water rivers, bays, and sounds; others are man-made canals. Congress authorized the creation of the AIWW in 1919 and the entire waterway was completed in 1940. The US Army Corps of Engineersis responsible for maintaining the waterway. read more

The historical significance of the AIWW has been well documented. read more

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Jimmy Stewart Real Estate Professional and the Only Friend You will Ever Need in the Business

Jimmy Stewart Real Estate Professional of North Myrtle Beach and Little River South Carolina

I am Jimmy Stewart

No, I was never an actor, but I sure will act on your behalf in any and all real estate transactions (I did have the pleasure of corresponding with the actor Jimmy Stewart, for the five years prior to his death).

As for background, I was born and raised in Hubbard, OH just seven miles northeast of Youngstown, near the PA line. I earned a B.A. Degree in political science and pre-law at Westminster College in PA. Upon graduation  in June, 1951 I was accepted to Case Western Reserve Law School in Cleveland, OH but due to the Korean conflict heating up was refused a deferment request so enlisted in the Army for three years in July, 1951. Basic training, radio school, then Signal Corps OCS at Ft. Monmouth, NJ graduating in October, 1952. Was released from active duty late 1953. Remained in the Army Reserve through 1968 serving 17 plus total years.

Returning to civilian life went to work in the three generation family retail furniture business, C. R. Stewart & Sons in my hometown. Enjoyed the good life until 1973 when the family business was sold after 83 years. With the itch to travel and explore the world, in response to a Washington Post advertisement I soon wound up in The Republic of Singapore selling real estate in 1982. Splitting time between Singapore and Jakarta, Indonesia I learned to work with many nationalities and types of people who needed my services. This three year stint in Southeast Asia was worth more than any book learning in real estate.

!n January, 1985, with this great background and more excitement for real estate I returned to the USA and northern Virginia, and licensed in 1986. It was here where I really honed my skills and became a friend to all those with whom I had the pleasure of working to find and acquire the properties of their choice. I was very active in the local Realtors Association as a member and chair of the legislative committee and on the Board of Directors for a three year term.

The idea of a warmer venue took over in 1999 and in 2000 made the move to Little River, SC and continued my career in real estate, being close to the beach. Am loving every minute of it.

Being a guide and a friend to each and everyone I meet, whether we do business or not, I have always believed “always do for everyone as I would have them do for me”.
So, if you have ANY questions, ASK, and if at all possible, if I can discover the home, townhome, condo even a piece of land or a lot with which to build, let me assist you in that search for the right choice, and if selling, let me also search the market so that you may make the correct choice of price to sell, then find a new location.
I am Jimmy Stewart, the only friend you will ever need in real estate. It will my pleasure to serve you in any way in your quest for real estate.

Jimmy Stewart, father, grandfather and great grandfather.